We design and build our own robots and have developed a stock of robots that lead the market for packaging food.



Several types of 2-axis Delta robots

Several types of 3, 4 & 5-axis Delta robots



A wide range of robots with many capabilities to match client’s specific needs

Adaptability to select a robot in line with maximum payload

Flexibility to choose a robot that matches needed performance

Offers several options if a solution for rotation is required

Optimised for lowest cost of ownership throughout its life span

No matter the varieties, all data is accurately programmed and stored in the HMI. The HMI has access on three different levels and an intuitive user-friendly touch screen



At the heart of our systems is our in house developed PDS distribution software

Patented PWR gripper technology

PWR Xinix 2D and 3D Vision control systems that detect the position and contour of the passing products with the utmost precision and detail to monitor product quality

PWR robot construction

PWR software