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Revolutionising Food Packaging Efficiency with PWR | Smartline

In the competitive landscape of the food industry, efficiency is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. PWR | Smartline offers a transformative solution tailored to meet the unique demands of food manufacturers of all sizes. With its advanced features and capabilities, Smartline enables businesses to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency in food processing and packaging operations.

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Why Choose Smartline?


Tailored Solutions for Every Business: Whether you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), an established player, or a large producer facing specific challenges, Smartline is designed to cater to your unique needs. Our solution offers scalability and flexibility, allowing you to explore automation solutions tailored to your operational requirements.


Streamlined Automation: Smartline serves as the perfect automated addition to SME operations seeking to enhance efficiency. With its cost-effective and user-friendly platform, Smartline addresses the challenges typically encountered by smaller producers, enabling them to overcome barriers to growth and drive operational improvements.


Efficiency Redefined: Engineered for maximum efficiency and usability, Smartline minimises downtime and expenses while maximising productivity. Our streamlined implementation process ensures rapid deployment and integration into existing production lines, minimising disruptions, and maximising return on Investment.


Modular Design for Versatility: Smartline’s modular design sets a new standard for versatility in food packaging automation. Whether you’re handling delicate or irregularly shaped items, Smartline ensures precise and gentle handling throughout the packaging process, empowering you to adapt to evolving market demands seamlessly.

Case study

Smartline: Tan Y Castell Foods

Tan Y Castell Foods is a renowned Welshcakes producer based in Wales. Facing the need for increased efficiency in their Welshcake production process, Tan Y Castell Foods approached PWR with a specific request. They sought a robotic pick and place solution that could handle the automated flow wrap loading of Welshcakes at a high rate.

Recognising the specific nature of the request and the need for a solution that could meet the high-speed production requirements, PWR proposed a Smartline solution.

Designed to efficiently handle the intricacies of Welshcake production within the tight time constraints outlined by Tan Y Castell Foods, the Smartline solution proved to be the ideal choice for streamlining their production process.

In an impressive turnaround time, just 9 days after initiating the installation of the first Smartline, the customer signed the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) with no outstanding issues.

To minimise the impact on Tan Y Castell’s production schedule, PWR meticulously planned and executed the installation and commissioning within a very short timeframe. Within 2 days, the robotic pick and place system was ready for commissioning, and within an additional 4 days, the machine was already handling larger production runs efficiently.

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Transform Your Operations with PWR | Smartline.


Discover the unparalleled benefits of PWR | Smartline for your food packaging operations. Contact us today to schedule a personalised meeting and learn how Smartline can revolutionise your business. Unlock efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition with Smartline.

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