The Best Performing Automated Food Packaging Systems

Our automated robotic food packaging solutions are the best performing in the industry.

PWR food packaging systems will improve the performance of your production lines and enhance the productivity of your business.

PWR Automated Robotic Food Packaging

Our Solutions Provide the Highest Lifetime Value

PWR automated food packaging systems eliminate product waste.

We deliver full-life maintenance support and secure high outputs with fewer robots.

Our solutions offer food producers the lowest cost of ownership and highest return on investment.

Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging

Our Flexible Packaging Solutions

Pick And Place

We design custom pick and place food packaging machines. These robotic systems utilize our proprietary software to run at the fastest speeds possible, dramatically increasing the efficiency of production lines and packaging line output.

Our pick and place food packaging machinery is ideally suited to high-speed packing of Biscuits, Bakery, Confectionary, Snacks, Pet Food, Frozen foods, and more. Whatever your food packaging needs, PWR offers the optimal solution.

Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging
Case Packing Food With Robots

Case Packing

PWR food packaging machines include bespoke loading systems for a range of applications in the food industry.

Each food packing machine is designed to improve the performance of production lines with increased efficiency and reliability.

PWR food packaging machine solutions are ideal for, bakery goods, confectionery, candy, cartons, pouches, and other food packaging types.


Our tailor-made cutting systems enhance lines with their ability to cut an infinite variety of food products precisely and efficiently.

We design automated food packaging systems specifically for many food producers, each designed to customer requirements.

Cutting and Scoring Food With Robots
Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging


Smartline is a high-performing off-the-shelf entry-level automation solution, which provides a more accessible system as an alternative to custom-made products.

Applications: flow wrapper loading, case loading, product loading.