Case Packing Food With Robots

Case Packing Robots & Systems

At PWR, we design and engineer flexible case packing robots that have changed how businesses pack their products. Our robotic case packaging systems have a compact footprint and integrate easily into any production line. These machines work efficiently 24/7 performing end-of-line loading of items with incredible speed and accuracy.

We offer a range of case packers and carton loaders suitable for loading flexible bags, map trays, display cases, and cartons. With models to suit different applications, we have solutions that will handle your production needs and help drive business growth.

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Benefits of a robotic case packer

A robotic case packer can offer many benefits for businesses in a variety of industries.


Robotic case packing systems ensure that each loaf of bread is correctly positioned in the box, preventing damage during shipping.


Robotic case packers reduce product waste by ensuring each piece of candy is correctly packed in the box.

Frozen food

Case packing robots improve shelf life by ensuring that each frozen item is correctly packaged.

Ultimately, a robot case packer can offer many benefits for businesses in various industries.

Advantages of working with PWR

Develop improved product quality – our robotics are precise and accurate, ensuring that your customers’ products are packed correctly every time.

Custom packing automation solutions that deliver high output using fewer robots than competitor solutions.

Save time and money with the most efficient and affordable robotic case packer on the market.

Maximize uptime and lifespan with our 365 24/7 servicing.

Expert technical services are always on call.


PWR robotic case packer is revolutionizing the packaging industry. It provides simple and efficient automation of case loading with impressive features:

Patented PWR gripper technology.

Proprietary PWR Smart Control 4.0 software developed to make our systems the most reliable and efficient on the market.

The PWR Clear Vision 4.0 system can detect the product shape and exact position with pinpoint accuracy.

Robust robot construction and easy-to-use PWR Easy HMI 4.0 interface make our systems perfect for any packing application.

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