Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging

Flow Wrapping Machine

PWR’s Robotic flow wrap loading machine packs naked and primary packed products into horizontal flow wrappers at high speeds.

PWR has developed solutions to pick and place products to be wrapped using Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal flow wrappers, enabling consistent and accurate high-speed loading of delicate food products.

Horizontal form fill and seal machines

Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) is commonly referred to as Flow wrapping. Flow wrapping is used for packing everything from toys to medical devices.

PWR is the preferred choice of companies in the food sector. From small start-ups to large companies that need speed and reliability when loading naked products and primary packaged products into flow wrappers.

What is a horizontal flow wrapper machine?

Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) machines are efficient and versatile for food packaging at high speed.

Most flow wrapping machines operate on three tasks: forming bags from packaging film and filling them before carrying them to the cutting head for sealing and discharging them undamaged, all while in continuous motion.

Critical to the efficient performance of a flow wrapping machine is a stable linear film speed to maintain high quality sealing.

Whether you need a loading machine for simple flow wrap applications or complex ones, PWR horizontal form fill loading solutions produce the best results.

Flow Wrapping Machine

Unique features of PWR flow wrapper packaging machine solutions

Product information is collected and analyzed by our data processing systems. These instruct our loading robots on how to guarantee that only high-quality items are delivered to the consumer.

PWR | Easy HMI 4.0 – an advanced touch-screen interface provides simple user friendly control over the packaging line avoiding the need for highly skilled operators.

PWR | Clear Vision 4.0 – industry-leading software that scans and ensures consistent quality of products packaged for the end consumer.

PWR | Smart Control 4.0 – market-leading software that guides robots to load only items for packing that satisfy quality guidelines while providing optimum operating conditions for the horizontal flow wrapper.

Horizontal flow wrapper applications

Benefits of working with PWR

Our pick and pack solutions are the quickest and most reliable on the market.

Highly efficient and customizable packaging solutions that meet your needs.

PWR robots pick and place even the most unusual or delicate items with precision and speed.

Products that are not up to standard are quickly identified by PWR | Clear Vision 4.0 and rejected.

PWR packaging solutions integrate seamlessly with your current production and packaging lines.

Safe, high-quality, and hygienic package handling.

Versatility – customizable system to meet the specific packaging needs of customers.

PWR Pick-And-Place robots provide a high return on investment (ROI) and clear cost savings.

We provide unrivaled sales and technical support, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.