Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging Machine & Systems

Looking to increase production efficiency, reduce labor costs, or improve your bottom line? PWR can meet your frozen food packaging needs.

A PWR Frozen Food Packaging Machine is the perfect solution for businesses looking to automate their frozen food packaging operations.

Our robots are designed and engineered to provide flexible and scalable bag, carton, and premade pouch packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

PWR packaging equipment features cutting-edge sensors and software, allowing it to handle a wide variety of frozen foods quickly and accurately.

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Benefits of frozen food packaging machines

Machine packaging offers many benefits for the frozen food industry. It ensures a tightly fitted flexible package and can be customized for any package type or production need of customers.

Better efficiency

Packaging robots are fast, efficient, and effective at packing flat trays, cartons, and bags.

Fresher food

In a vertical or horizontal packaging process, machines seal in moisture and prevent freezer burn, helping keep food fresh for longer.

Less waste

PWR frozen food packaging helps reduce waste during bagging/filling operations.

More hygienic

Enhanced safety and hygiene standards, preventing cross-contamination by sealing items in laminated or polyethylene materials.

Advantages of working with PWR Pack

High-performance frozen food packaging systems

Machines are designed to save time and money while protecting your frozen product

Easy to use and maintain packaging machines

Food packaging systems that ensure high-quality products

Deliver better output with our high-speed models, using fewer robots than competitor solutions

The best robotic food packaging solutions in the industry

Maximize uptime and lifespan with comprehensive support services 24/7


Smart Control

  • Our in-house developed PWR Smart Control 4.0 software is at the heart of our systems. This software allows customers to tailor their frozen food packaging application with the utmost precision.

Patented technology

  • Patented PWR gripper technology enables our robots to easily handle the most delicate frozen food products.

Clear Vision

  • PWR Clear Vision 4.0 system detects the position and shape of items on conveyors or flow-wrapping lines with precision, ensuring optimal quality control for customers.

Robust engineering

  • PWR robots are engineered to provide years of trouble-free operation.
  • As a result, our food packaging robots can reduce packing time and waste and save your frozen food business money.

Denesting Packaging Robots

We have developed product denesting technology that effectively and efficiently separates nested packaging items. Suitable for various corrugated or foam MAP trays or other food/produce packaging. Our machines can be tailor-made specifically for customer requirements.

PWR Automated Robotic Food Packaging