Pick and Place Automated Robotic Food Packaging

Smartline Packing Systems & Lines – Delta Pick & Place Robots


PWR Pack Smartline is a patented high performing off-the-shelf entry level automation solution. Using dual cell 4-axis delta pick and place robots it makes automated packaging more accessible to food producers.



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Low price and short lead time

Small footprint

Will process even the most delicate products without damage or deformation

Reliable rejection of defective products

Increase the output of your lines

Compliant with the strictest hygiene standards

Will offer clear ROI and cost savings



Dual cell 4-axis 1300 delta pick and place robot

A frame in fixed dimensions with four doors

Patented PWR gripper technology

PWR | Clear Vision 4.0 systems that detect the position and contour of the passing products with the utmost precision and detail to monitor product quality

PWR robot construction

PWR | Easy HMI 4.0