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Blog Post – Why a complete Spare Parts list is essential in robotics

Building a system that incorporates the highest quality components is one thing. It is also fundamental to ensure the ongoing availability and efficiency of your robotic packaging system by supplying detailed and clear spare part details.

When spare parts are required the identification and access to parts should be as quick and simple as possible. A dedicated customer service team, handling customer enquiries from quotation through to delivery and installation is the foundation of this support.

Process description

The first step is making sure customers have access to the parts on time. Key to this is the selection of readily available components from widely used and respect OEMs that offer the performance we expect. At PWR we ensure there are no “black boxes” that limit a customer’s ability to access the parts they need.

By delivering a comprehensive parts drawing package with each part individually highlighted and identified with a unique part number. This allows timely identification of spare parts.

Example exploded parts diagram

PWR Exloded parts diagram

Accompanied to the drawing package is a detailed spare parts list issued for all solutions that is broken down into 3 categories of spare parts;

  • A – Must be kept on Site
  • B – Recommended to be kept on site
  • C – Not critical, store data only.

Next step is that for each part the following information is provided to ensure the customer can optimize the management of their spare parts in line with their business needs.  A key element of this is providing the manufacturers part number for every bought in OEM part that is incorporated in the machine.

  • Part Number
  • Drawing Number
  • Description
  • Quantity used within the system
  • Criticality (A, B or C)
  • Supplier
    • For none PWR components we will provide the OEM part number
  • Worst case leadtime
  • Unit Price


An example of a parts list

PWR spare parts lists

Written by Sales Manager Andrew Lightstead and Manager Service John van Middendorp.