Cloetta Case Study

Client Background

PWR customer, Cloetta – a leading confectionery company in the Nordic region and the Netherlands, has been working with PWR as a trusted partner since 2007 when they decided to implement a robotic line to pack chewing gum pots. They have worked with our service team to perform various updates to an PWR robotic packaging line to keep it running at optimum performance. The first update was installed in 2016 to handle a new product container which required communication with 2 new OEM machine in the production line. In 2018 a plan has been made for the line to update all obsolete components in the line. This has been carried out in two stages. In 2018 the PWR | Clear Vision has been upgraded with new cameras and software. This allowed Cloetta to have more flexibility in the vision recognition. In 2020 a full upgrade of the obsolete control system Pacdrive M took place. 

For this upgrade all outdated drives were replaced by the Pacdrive 3 system. To execute this upgrade with minimal downtime the complete electrical panels have been replaced. New software has been engineered and fully tested before the install.

PWR solutions

Working in collaboration with our customer, we were approached to modify the new product containers. The new container took the form of a round pot with a separate lid, in contrast to the square pot with an attached lid that we initially introduced in 2007. This change in shape was driven by Cloetta’s desire to incorporate round jars into their product range, which made it necessary to adjust the production line. Ultimately, the decision was made to alter the entire production line. 

The PWR solution could be adapted within our existing setup, obviating the need for costly new equipment. This decision resulted in a more efficient and continuous operation, running on a three-shift schedule, thereby enhancing overall business efficiency.

After the updates, PWR provided local staff with training on how to correctly and safely operate the updated line as well as ongoing support from our service team to ensure that they customer gets the best lifetime value out of their original investment and updates.



“The PWR line has provided us with good returns and they are a good supplier to our company. We have had contact with their service department for over 16 years and they are able to provide quick and efficient support if there is a problem, we cannot solve ourselves.” 

Eelke Dotinga, Technical Manager Cloetta Holland BV.