Cutting Solution For Baked Goods

Project Overview

Robotic scoring of lye bread triangles and lye baguettes with ultrasound.
For this German based producer in the Bakery industry we were asked to supply a solution for the scoring of lye bread triangles and lye baguettes. The products are transferred from the upstream plant to an existing conveyor belt with a 900 mm conveyor width, which are fed continuously to the robot system. Before the products go into the robot system, the PWR Pack 3D Vision System takes a picture of the position and height of each individual product. This allows for a cut at the same depth, regardless of the thickness of the product.

Our Solution

4 PWR delta robots

Our in house developed product distribution software

Ultrasonic scoring knives

3D Xinix line-scan Vision system

Touch screen HMI interface

All conveyors needed for fluent integration

The maximum performance of this robotic scoring solution is 480 cuts per minute