PWR Pack Specialises in Robotic Packaging Solutions for the Food Industry

PWR Pack International B.V.

As a supplier partner we work with you to develop custom solutions for robotic automation for the food industry. We focus on delivering high speed lines coupled with the highest possible line efficiencies in order to maximise your return on investment. We develop specialised grippers to ensure gentle handling of your product at very high picking speeds. We write our own software “in house” ensuring we have total control of the entire process to guarantee that you get maximum return on your investment.

What We Do


Afbeelding Bakerij

The industrial baked goods industry unlike any other requires the highest degree of efficiency, processing safety and precision. All of this needs to come whilst maintaining the highest hygiene standards and ensure constant high quality products. Here at PWR Pack we are continuously setting new standards and in the area of progress we are always one step ahead.


PWR Pack_Confectionery

The increasingly sophisticated tastes of consumers has led to an incredible variety in the confectionery market. Trends and innovations are changing at an ever-faster rate. PWR Pack’s future-oriented technical solutions prepare you today for tomorrow’s needs.


PWR Pack_Snacks

Packaging of snacks has become a highly complex process. Handling of sensitive products in ever changing new varieties presents enormous challenges for automation. Speed and precision are as much in demand as reliability. With its innovative solutions PWR Pack sets new standards.


PWR Pack_Other

The demands of grocery markets for shelf and retail ready packaging increase faster and faster. Easy identification, opening, disposing and handling of packaging requires flexible automation. With the flexible technical solutions by PWR Pack you are prepared already today for the needs of tomorrow.

News & Events

Meet us at the PackExpo 14-17 October 2018 in Chigaco

Meet us at the PackExpo 2018 in Chicago. We will be presenting the latest developments in robotic pick and place solutions for the Bakery, Confectionery, Snacks and pre-packed Food industries. Read more..