Packing Biscuits into Trays

Farmhouse Biscuits

Client Problem

UK biscuit manufacturer Farmhouse Biscuits wanted to upscale their production by changing from manual to automated packaging. The challenge was finding a solution that could handle their extensive range of product and packaging formats.

PWR Solution

The solution, made of five PWR 5-axis robots, efficiently picks and places biscuits on-edge and can be easily adjusted to changing recipes. The compact solution fits in the small floor space available. The maximum performance of this robotic packaging solutions is 320 cookies per minute.

Packing Biscuits into Trays

“The expertise of the experienced PWR team in the food industry is outstanding. Although the line looks like other robot lines the technical advancement and software is in a league of its own. Especially the HMI, which makes a massive difference to us when managing the multiple tray and biscuit combinations we produce.”


–  Carel van Bentum Operations Manager, Farmhouse Biscuits Ltd.



Technical Specifications

5 PWR robots with 5th (tilting) axis. 80picks/min per robot. 

Our in house developed PWR | Smart Control 4.0 software

Fully integrated PWR denester  

Infeed solution to spread the Manually decanted products (Product baked on baking trays) 

Patented 5 axis gripper technology for on-edge loading