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PWR | Addressing my market with a tailored approach

By Alexander Lazoroski, Sales Manager for Nordics and Eastern Europe


The personal approach

For PWR, approaching business conversations in Hungary and Poland is different from Germany or the Netherlands. Most food producers have a different type of product, different packing format and different customer needs and preferences. Amplified with the differences of geographical location, culture, and available production apparatus, it is for me personally, all about tailoring the conversation to the people and the products.

What matters is that your specific challenge is faced the right way, in the right context, treating each customer as unique and individual. PWR has a long history of working with bakery, confectionary and pet food manufacturers, so we pride ourselves on using our long gained expertise to advise as a trusted partner, no matter the product.

Output and quality of products are always high on the agenda for manufacturers and consumers alike. This is something that the team at PWR always considers when designing a solution. It is important to us that we support food brands in being accountable for product quality and being seen as trustworthy to consumers.

Food production: the daily challenge to future ready

In the current labour market, some food manufacturers have an uphill battle to overcome challenges and meet their quota. Even though the market conditions present a tough challenge for food producers to remain efficient and profitable, PWR endeavours to work as a trusted partner to keep improving the performance of our customers and looking ahead. My personal approach to these sales conversations with these businesses is The “Good today, better tomorrow” mentality.

Two management pillars that are typically high on the agenda.

  • Sustainability
    • Use less energy.
    • Reduce waste.
    • Optimize output of production lines
    • Reduced carbon footprint of packaging materials
  • People
    • Reduce dull, repetitive, and heavy work.
    • Activate the potential of people.
    • Provide a healthy and diverse work environment.

Often the progress of automation, digitalisation and A.I. is debated but in the right form it can help in so many ways. Developments that are worth to discuss:

  • Intuitive HMI’s (less language barriers)
  • Automatic data transfer in MES/ERP systems
  • Data communication between production and packaging
  • Augmented reality
  • Predictive maintenance
  • I. driven product quality control

Some developments might be one or two years away to become mainstream, but some are already on the doorstep.

The hard decisions

Strategic choices must be made to be and stay profitable long term. When production is expanding it is a unique opportunity to do things differently.

When selecting a new supplier to work with, it is important to be sure that who you work with has good experience in your sector and understands the impactions of suggestion new technology to integrate into your business. This is an area where I feel that PWR excel.

Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with proven technology and old-fashioned equipment. But bear in mind; new technologies for you, can already be proven technologies to someone else. PWR has over 25 years of industry experience and our case studies show that we have brought a range of cutting edge, superior technology to our customer which have greatly improved the performance of their packaging lines.

This is why PWR offers tailored solutions. Not everything applies to everyone or fits everybody’s needs. The balance between long term experience and new cutting-edge developments is vital to provide a future ready solution with high lifetime value.

This might come as a surprise, but we don’t always believe automation the right solution for every business. It is this transparent approach that has allowed PWR to build a reputation as a trusted partner to food producers. We don’t sell ‘one size fits all’ solutions and our team of automation experts will use sector knowledge to advise our customers of the direction that is right for their business ambitions.

How can PWR help?

We are food sector specialists which means we understand your products, concerns, limitations, and challenges relevant to your market.

By investing in the right robotic automation, at the right location in your production, you can ensure that 100% of sellable product is packed. Making sure your customers are served and consumers can enjoy the highest quality products.

By allowing PWR to become your partner, we can support your staff in truly understanding automation and the possibilities it can provide. Hence, making them part of a long-term solution, increasing their commitment and productiveness, and giving them ease of mind and trust in working alongside robots.

Get in touch

PWR is a trusted partner to large manufacturing groups and small food producers alike. We combine superior technology with a tailored design that fits your business needs.

If you are in the Nordics, Hungary or Poland and wish to have a confidential, no commitment project consultation with our Sales Manager Alexander Lazoroski, please get in touch.