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PWR Unveils New State-of-the-Art Facility in Ede, Netherlands

On March 22nd 2024, leading manufacturer of robotic packaging solutions, PWR, proudly announced the launch of its cutting-edge new facility in Ede, Netherlands. In collaboration with valued partners De Langen Bouw & Ontwikkeling BV,  Mies Architectuur, and the municipality of Ede, the company have embarked on a transformative journey to meet its expanding needs.

Three years ago, PWR realised the current facility could no longer accommodate their growing operations and so began a collaborative effort with partner, De Langen Bouw & Ontwikkeling BV, to identify a suitable location in the local area of Ede for their new state of the art facility. Accessibility, amenities, and improved working conditions for dedicated staff were of paramount consideration in their quest.

The event marking the unveiling of the new facility was impressive. Despite the rain, spirits were high as the PWR team gathered for the grand reveal of the building sign on the plot where their new head quarters will be in December 2024. Joined by partners and honoured by the presence of the local municipality’s Alderman, PWR celebrated this milestone with great enthusiasm. A specially commissioned sculpture from the City of Ede Alderman served as a symbol of the shared achievement.

Following the unveiling ceremony, there was an informal reception at the current PWR building, with delightful bites, drinks, and a piano bar bringing together the PWR team.

The metrics of the new facility underscore its impressive scale and functionality. With the office space and assembly area set to double in size, this expansion will provide ample room for future growth, empowering PWR to thrive.

Emphasising sustainability and efficiency, the facility boasts an energy-efficient design with an A-grade energy label and a substantial array of solar panels. Strategically located within an hour’s drive from Schiphol airport, adjacent to a major highway, and within walking distance from a train station, our new facility is ideally situated in the heart of the Food Valley—a hub renowned for its progressive food-related enterprises.

Moreover, the commitment to enhancing work conditions is evident in the thoughtful amenities incorporated into the design:

  • Ample green spaces, a terrace, and scenic views.
  • Underfloor heating in the factory for enhanced comfort.
  • Shed roof design ensuring optimal light distribution throughout the day.
  • Streamlined internal logistics for efficient loading and unloading.

As we embark on this new chapter in our journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of our employees and of course, bringing innovation to our customers across the globe. This unveiling marks a significant milestone in our continued growth and success as a business.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Iris van Harn ivanharn@pwrpack.com.