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The PWR Customer Journey

The PWR Customer Journey by Anes Svraka: A Seamless Integration of Robotic Automation  

Integrating robotic automation into your business operations is a significant venture, marked by considerations such as cost, timelines, and return on investment. Recognizing that this process demands expertise and guidance, PWR ensures a carefully navigated customer journey to guide businesses toward the optimal solution. 

In this article, I will explain the journey that customers go on when buying a PWR solution.  

Key Insights:

Understanding Customer Needs: The automation journey begins with a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s unique requirements. 

Precision in Product Handling: Success hinges on careful and precise handling of products to maintain quality standards. 

Tailored Solutions: Products and requirements often necessitate customized solutions. 

Live Demonstrations: Interactive demonstrations of product handling are an integral part of the customer journey. 

Dedicated Project Team: Skilled engineers form a dedicated project team, ensuring tailored solutions. 

Smooth Transition: Key team members facilitate a fluent transition to the customer’s site. 

Ongoing Support: Collaboration with Service ensures lasting return on investment. 

Initial Consultation: Navigating Challenges in Food Production 

Food producers face daily challenges, from safety regulations to labor shortages, demanding continual adaptation. PWR’s automation solutions address these challenges, empowering producers to stay ahead of the competition. The initial step involves a brief consultation meeting, allowing PWR to fully grasp the project brief.  

Balancing Quality with Efficiency: Designing the Concept Solution 

Quality maintenance and efficiency are paramount in our discussions. PWR’s automation solutions ensure high-quality standards by employing custom-made grippers and a Clear Vision camera system. The initial contact involves designing a concept solution tailored to the customer’s unique needs. 

Conceptual Design and Customer Interaction 

Prior to committing to a PWR automation solution, customers express a common desire to witness a similar system in action, gaining insights into its seamless integration within their operations.

Herein begins the exciting phase of the journey. Following a thorough consultation, the gathered information undergoes scrutiny by the adept PWR Sales Manager. The insights are then presented to the highly experienced PWR concept team, boasting over 25 years of expertise in robotic automation, having successfully designed solutions with over 2000 robots worldwide.

A dedicated concept engineer meticulously reviews products, packaging materials, and factory layout, tailoring a bespoke solution to meet the customer’s unique needs. Recognizing the individuality of each project due to distinct product or project requirements, a personalized approach is adopted.

With the concept solution in hand, the customer receives a comprehensive proposal, providing key information crucial for an informed decision. Subsequently, the sales manager and dedicated concept engineer engage in a collaborative discussion with the customer, making any necessary adjustments to ensure the proposed solution aligns perfectly with their objectives.

Welcome to PWR: Customer Headquarters Visit  

The ultimate stage entails extending an invitation to our customers to visit PWR. Here, they embark on a comprehensive tour of our Netherlands-based facilities, witnessing firsthand the assembly of our cutting-edge robotic solutions. During the visit, PWR conducts a live demonstration using the customer’s products, offering a firsthand experience of how their items are handled by our robotic solution.

This immersive visit is complemented by a reference tour, either within the Netherlands or in the customer’s preferred location. Throughout these visits, our references share valuable insights into their experiences with PWR and the transformative impact of the robotic solutions they’ve adopted to advance their businesses.

Concurrently, the final conceptual design of the automated robot solution is crafted. This strategic step aims to streamline the decision-making process, making it more accessible for the customer as they contemplate investing in a sophisticated solution tailored to their unique needs.

Building Tailored Solutions: From Concept to Construction  

After choosing a PWR automated robot solution to elevate your business, the reins are passed from the Sales Manager to the Project Manager. A skilled team of Mechanical, Hardware, and Software Engineers meticulously reviews your factory and products to commence constructing the conceptual design.

Dedicated grippers, fine-tuned for your products, undergo a meticulous design and testing process. A stainless-steel structure is crafted by PWR’s seasoned mechanics, ensuring a seamless fit within your factory space. Robot arms, drives, and software are intricately designed, analyzing each data point and transmitting tasks at lightning speed to the industrial computer.

The PWR automated solution is then ready for inaugural test runs, undergoing debugging and practical performance assessment. The Factory Acceptance Test is your chance to witness your machine in action, ensuring precision and care for your products. Satisfied with the results, a brief debugging period follows before the robot solution is disassembled and prepared for global shipment—an embodiment of tailored innovation ready to transform operations worldwide.

Installation On-Site: Efficient Assembly and Commissioning 

The robotic solution arrives at the customer’s site, accompanied by PWR mechanics. They efficiently assemble the solution, educating customer mechanics in the process.   

Commissioning engineers take over from the Factory Acceptance Test, fine-tuning the solution in collaboration with customer operators during the Site Acceptance Test. 

Service Support: Ensuring Long-Term Success  

Post-installation, PWR’s Service Team provides ongoing support. Regular maintenance, spare parts guidance, and a 24/7 hotline ensure the robotic solution’s seamless integration into the customer’s operations. 

The PWR Customer Journey is a comprehensive and collaborative process, guiding businesses through each step to achieve sustainable success with robotic automation.