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Blog Post – The importance of a well-trained production team in robotic packaging

The best way to achieve lasting industry leading availability and efficiency is through a production team that have the knowledge required to optimize the robotic packaging solution they are responsible for.  The development of this knowledge starts with training, an area PWR is passionate about, delivering world class programs that are bespoke to the customer’s needs.

Engaging and immersive training generates a level of passion and ownership within operators and technicians that ensures the moment your automation is in production it delivers optimum performance.

Offsite Training

It is common in every project to deliver off-site training, typically around the time of the Predelivery Inspection (PDI)/ Factory acceptance test (FAT) for operators, technicians and hygiene personnel.  This focused environment gives the customers team the opportunity to really learn how their new robotic packaging solution functions and how to optimize its performance.

At PWR this training is led by the projects lead software and commissioning engineers.  Each agenda is customer specific and includes topics such as:

Classroom based training

  1. About our Company
  2. Prestart checkup
  3. HMI Overview
    • General operator functions
    • Recipe management
    • Vision system introduction
    • Error messages & warnings
    • Machine performance data
  4. Cleaning
  5. How to contact PWR service, 24/7
  6. Parts drawings and part identification
  7. Electrical drawings and part identification

Hands on Training at the machine

  1. Machine construction and hygiene
  2. Machine operation and optimizationMachine safety
    • In depth HMI functionality: We can run the machine in full simulation at production speeds with operators able to make and see real life changes.
    • Recipe changeover
    • Vision system optimisation
    • Error messages & warnings and how to address them
    • Machine performance data and how to use it for machine optimisation
  3. Maintenance
Robotic packaging training HMI

On-site Training

Next step in the training process is the onsite training.
At the earliest possible point in the on-site commissioning it is PWR’s objective to incorporate your operators and engineers into the commissioning process.

Where the off-site training has been completed this early engagement reinforces the knowledge gained before the machine came to site. The real benefit is the accelerated commissioning to optimized production period as take operators take responsibility of the machine.

For those operators and technicians that are new to the machine once installed on site the training starts where possible with the classroom based machine overview and moves to hands on either during the commissioning phase or during a dedicated training session.

For more information about PWR’ training options and Service in general check this page.

Written by Sales Manager Andrew Lightstead and Manager Service John van Middendorp