We set the standard for automation


We build the best performing solutions in the world. Our solutions set the standard for efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, usability and durability.

Why do our solutions lead the market?

Accuracy | Our solutions ensure only high quality products are delivered to your end consumer.

Efficiency | Our solutions deliver you high outputs using fewer robots than competitor solutions.

Flexibility | Our solutions can easily be programmed to accommodate changes in product lines.

Usability | Our solutions are the easiest to use in the industry.

Durability | Our solutions are built to last, maximising uptime and delivering the highest lifetime value.

Tailored design

Our people care about your business and will go above and beyond to tailor our solutions and service to your needs.


Our commitment to your business is reflected in our bespoke approach to crafting solutions. Every proposal is meticulously tailored to address your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your production line.

“For our first robotics purchase we wanted a partner that would take the time to understand our business and challenges and future market needs.

They designed a solution with an outstanding software architecture, its capabilities are exactly aligned with our needs.”

Head of Projects – Baked good producer, United Kingdom

“The flexibility of this line when packing our products is outstanding. Combined with the high efficiencies, this solution fully delivers on all our expectations.”

Lead Project Manager, international pet food producer

“With PWR we found a partner that could deliver the highest possible running efficiencies without comprising on quality.”

Head of Projects – Baked good producer, United Kingdom

“We were looking for a custom made designed solution that ensured high speeds and flexibility to respond to changing product varieties. PWR delivered on both ends and also helped in getting our company more accustomed with robotic solutions in general. We felt in safe hands throughout the entire process.”

Owner, baked goods producer in the Netherlands

Explore our work in your industry

Your journey with PWR

Step one: Discover

We will take a deep dive into your production and discover how automation can enhance the performance of your business.


Step two: Propose

After learning about your business, our specialists will propose a solution tailored to the needs of your production line.


Step three: Build

Working out of our state of the art factory in the Netherlands, our team of automation engineers will bring your food packaging vision to life.


Step four: Maintain

We will deliver full-life 365/24-7 maintenance support that will ensure you keep your line running.


We put the customer first

Our team will deeply care about your business.


Expect a close partnership founded on:

C – Collaboration:

Our people will work with you to deeply understand your business so they can tailor our solutions to the needs of your production line.

A – Attentiveness:

Our people will be responsive to your expectations and will work hard to ensure you have everything you require for a project to be a success.

R – Reliability:

Our people will always do what they say they are going to do so you can trust in their service.

E – Empathy:

Our people show the ability to understand and share in your feelings, and they will always work with them in mind.

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Our solutions

PWR large tailored solutions

We offer a range of large footprint solutions. From pick and place, to case packing and cutting machines, our team can develop a variety of large multi-robot lines tailored to your needs.

PWR Smartline

Smartline is our range of high-performing small footprint solutions, that deliver product loading, case loading and loading into a flow wrapper. Learn more about Smartline here.

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Our technology


There are two core elements to a PWR solution; data processing and packaging execution.