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With over 25 years of industry experience in the food market and a strong presence in the UK, PWR has become a trusted partner to Bakery producers across the country. We are a global company with capabilities to deliver our superior solutions all over the world, but with local sales managers living and working in the UK, PWR has established strong relationships with recognisable brand names and small manufacturers alike.  
With this market expertise at our fingertips, we asked our UK and Ireland Sales Manager, David King who is responsible for the Bakery, Biscuits and Cookies market to share his knowledge of the sector.

Market Overview

The UK’s food and drink manufacturing industry contributes more to the economy than all other manufacturing sectors. In 2022, The Food and Drink Federation released its annual report that states that the value of this industry’s output was £33 billion, and it employs 456,000 people along the farm to fork journey.

As we remain focused on achieving growth for PWR in the UK and supporting customers with their automation needs, we discovered that the bakery, biscuit, and cookie market was a serious contender for the fastest growing ambient food category.

The global bakery market is estimated to be worth 590 billion dollars by 2028 with Europe predicted to hold the highest market share.

What is driving this growth?

The demand for convenience food products from European consumers is key. According to research by Statista Sales from the manufacture of bread, fresh pastry goods and cakes in the United Kingdom reached over £8,143 million in 2022. 

In the UK, consumers lead fast paced lifestyles and convenience products such as prebaked pastries, and high energy (kcal) snacks have surged in popularity over the decades. New technology has also allowed bakers and manufacturers to become more efficient and produce a wider range of products, formats and flavours that have allowed the industry to meet the growing consumer demand and get ahead of competition through new product development (NPD).

Growth inhibitors?

With an ever-growing nation, the demand for our manufacturers to grow their businesses and remain profitable is the largest challenge. Labour is now a key concern with food producers in the UK, in 2022 The Guardian reported that labour shortages following Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic is the single biggest factor affecting the industry. The effects of this labour shortage can be felt by consumers as the price of goods rise along with inflation and cost of living which puts manufactures in a difficult position.

How can PWR help?

We are food sector specialists which means we understand your business, the opportunities, and challenges relevant to market and geographical location. By investing in robotic automation on your packaging lines, you can ensure that 100% of sellable product is packed, increasing profitability, efficiency across your business, as well as reducing waste. By allowing PWR to become your partner, we can support your business to meet increased consumer demand with a solution that is tailored to your business. This means that you can show dedication and commitment to valued, existing staff through training and upskilling to other roles that suit your requirements, whilst PWR takes care of the packaging line. 

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PWR is a trusted partner to large manufacturing groups and small food producers alike. We combine superior technology with a tailored design that fits your business needs.

If you are in the UK and Ireland and wish to have a confidential, no commitment project consultation with David, please get in touch.