Efficient packing of iconic snack brand

KP Snacks


PWR customer, KP Snacks is the proud producer of some of the most iconic British snack brands. As well as producing household names, they also produce for international retailers and therefore have a business that is driven by efficiency and excellence at its forefront. KP Snacks operates their business with a long-term view of which sustainability is a vital part.

Client Problem

KP Snacks looked to PWR to support with automation due to an increase in demand and looking to maintain the highest standards of hygiene during the production process. The most important consideration to be made was that the business looked to reduce the packaging of one of their key product lines by 30% in order to meet their sustainability goals, however keeping in mind the aesthetics of the pack on shelf with brand consistency being an important factor.

The operational challenge for the site was that the solution needed to deliver high throughput while being compact due to a production facility with limited space and flexible enough to accommodate multiple different packaging formats and recipes.

PWR Solution

The customer chose to work with PWR due to the proven accuracy of the PWR| CLEAR VISION system and the efficiency realised by PWR| SMART CONTROL. The solution is easy to change packaging formats and recipes making the overall design of the PWR solution very flexible. Proven cost of ownership and low power consumption meant the lifetime value of the machine was also better than competitors who were approached for this project.

Pwr 10


KP has been able to meet the increased customer demand without giving in on their sustainability goals by integrating a PWR solution into its operations. The tailored design which is easy to use and maintain has capabilities of packing 65 mixed flavoured sleeves of 6 primary packs (390 p/min) per machine which allows KP to meet its sustainability goals, efficiency targets and increase profitability.