Packing Pancakes

Yummy Bakery

Client Problem

Yummy Bakery, a family owned leader in the Belgium bakery industry, was interested in an automation solution that ensures their pancakes are packed in line with specifications and with minimum errors. The solution also needed to be fully integrated with the thermoformer machine.

PWR Solution

Picking complete stacks was not an option due to high error rates. Instead, we designed a single picking robotic solution. Made of three PWR delta robots, the solution can accurately pick over 12,000 pancakes per hour.

Pick and Place

“I was impressed with the expertise and know-how of the PWR team throughout the entire process. They delivered a top notch robotic solution that handles our pancakes fast and gently. Their intuitive HMI works hands on and logically. And if help is needed, it is assuring to know they are just a call away.”


– Tom Geldhof, Co-owner, Yummy Bakery.



Technical Specifications

3 PWR delta robots

Our in house developed PWR | Smart Control 4.0 software

Patented vacuum gripper technology

PWR | Clear Vision 4.0 system

Crate/ Case infeed and outfeed solution

bedo Case erector for cardboard cases